What would you take?

A friend told me about a magnificent book titled The Burning House by Foster Huntington.  What the book is about is if your house was on fire, what would you take with you?  I was stumped when first asked, I do not have a little box all packed up ready to grab as I run for my life.  I have never really thought about it much, I grew up near an Air Force base, National labs and when I was a kid I remember that on the first Tuesday of each month, the air raid siren would go off at noon.  So I grew up fully aware that at any moment we could be vaporized.  Thinking about it now, what would I take is a bit easier.  After making sure my family and pets were outside, I would probably have to run back in to get my laptop and maybe an external hard drive.  I really don’t think I would want to keep a lot of possessions boxed up and ready to go, and if things are lost, they are physically lost, but the memories of them will remain.  I suppose keeping important documents in a safe deposit box is a good investment, but above that, I would have to say investing in some good fire extinguishers is helpful.

What would you take?

What do you think?

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