8 Seconds is a Lifetime


Lately the healthcare reform has been in the news with the shocking disclosure that some of the pages took 8 SECONDS to load.  What an unmitigated travesty.  It wasn’t that long ago when I first jumped onto the speeding bullet called the Internet with a blazing fast 4 kb/sec modem.  It was not uncommon to click on a page, look to see that it was loading and then go run errands or just take a nap.

The instant gratification our society demands now is getting ridiculous and I am no paragon of patience by any stretch of the imagination.  I work in a high tech field and speed is of the essence, my work computer is a thoroughbred and I can do 4 other things while waiting for a 3Gb download to complete.  This takes about a half hour now, but I do remember trying this in the past with a slow broadband connection and it took about 5-6 hours.  But I will be learning to readjust my priorities and the instant gratification will have to take the back seat to reality.

The future holds for me a move to a very rural setting, and dealing with the various utility companies is a strange and new experience compared to dealing with a company in a good sized city.  I am used to going thru the computer generated options to drill down through the corporate infrastructure, by the time you finally find out who it is you need to talk to, there is a good chance you have forgotten what the call is for.  Not so with our future power company, there are days when we call and the Engineering Department is out of the office, his daughter is having a thing at the school that afternoon.

It took a while to schedule the installation of the power pole that was needed to supply us with electricity, after we had a local contractor install a meter the power company had to come out to see how bad the mud was that week.  This was starting to remind me of Green Acres, where Oliver had to climb the pole to use the telephone!  Ummm, we haven’t tried to get phone service yet, so I should just hush for now about that.  The mud situation was not too bad so we got scheduled.  There were several calls placed to confirm the crew would be there and after several tries spanning 3 days, we were assured that indeed they would be there.

Three trucks rumbled up the road on the appointed day at about 10:30 in the morning.  I was appalled – I start work at 7:30 am and by golly, that is when I expected them to start as well.  I was certain that we had been pushed off to the next day or week.  Turns out they were a super friendly crew who had other things to take care of that morning and they got to us when they did.

As hard as it is to say, I may start forgetting to look at the clock every 10 minutes or so and wondering what I could be doing, heck I might even just decide to slow down and enjoy life.

What do you think?

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