The Desk

office-desk-mdThe desk was sitting on the sidewalk in front of a house.  There was a sign taped onto it that said “FREE”.  It was a full sized desk about 6 feet wide with drawers on one side and a computer storage compartment on the other side.  There was a hutch / bookcase top that sat on it and while it had seen better days, it was still a good looking desk.  Seeing a packing crate alongside of the house, the neighbors were guessing that the desk’s replacement had arrived earlier that day.

The young man who was walking his dog up the street had to veer off the sidewalk to get around the desk.  His dog, a brown lab, stopped to sniff at the desk and several neighbors wondered if a leg would get lifted.  Luckily for the desk the dog was just sniffing.

A  BMW came around the corner, it was Jill and Tony, they had recently moved into the 2 story house at the other end of the street and Jill commented on why somebody would just leave their trash on the sidewalk, didn’t they have the decency to haul it off so it would not be so offensive to look at?

Monica, a single mom was driving thru the neighborhood with her 3 kids in their minivan.  Her oldest son Peter, a boy about 14 or so saw the desk and the sign and yelled for Monica to stop so he could check out the desk.  Peter jumped out of the van and started pulling out the drawers, opening doors and already picturing how he would set it up.  “Please mom can we take it? I have never had a desk of my own” And a couple of the neighbors came out to the street and helped Monica load the desk on the top of the minivan.

Weekly Writing Challenge: the Difference Point of View Makes

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