Bullys are Everywhere

Bullies are everywhere, they always have been around and they will always be around.  For whatever reason, they seem to think that the rules do not apply to them.  I am talking about the decency rules, the rules that when broken, seem to keep one awake at night.  Now there is always the possibility that bullies do not have much in the way of a conscience.  No matter what they do, they really could give a fig about the effects or the consequences of their actions.  I can remember back in Jr. High School there was a guy who liked to come up from behind people, including me and throw a punch. One day I apparently had enough and started throwing punches back, the problem was I did not want to stop.  Anyways, we both got in trouble, nothing serious, and eventually became somewhat friends later in life.  The point is, he never would have stopped if I had not stood up to him.

I was reminded of that this past month when the government was shut down due to irrational demands.  They had gotten their way in the past so it seemed perfectly natural they would get their way again.  All of this would have led to it happening again and again with no end in sight.  I am glad that it was stopped this time, we shall see about the future.

I am not sure why some people feel that they need to act out like this, maybe in some cases, they are members of The Lucky Sperm Club; these are people who were born into a wealthy home and have complete disdain for the less fortunate. Maybe somebody has been picked on themselves in the past and they are determined it will never happen again, so they strike out first.  Whatever the reason, be it lack of self esteem, absolute indifference for others, or just plain anti-social behavior, there seems to be a deep seated need to feel superior to others, to be in control.  Frankly I don’t worry too much nowadays about bullies; I stand 6’-2” and tip the scales at a bit over 200, but there is a guy where I work who stands about 5’-2” and he thinks he is superman I guess.  He is a supervisor and he never lets anybody forget it, I really do feel sorry for the people who work in his department.  I do not, and one day he came to read me the riot act, it was all I could do not to just pick him up and carry him back to his workbench.  You know, be a helper.  I guess he has what is called the Short Man Syndrome, what he lacks in height, he makes up for it in bluster.  Oh well, it is entertaining to watch him get worked up.

I have learned in my travels that I need to treat people as I would like to be treated, it works out a lot better for me and who knows, Joan Osborne sang about ‘What if God was one of us, just a stranger on a bus…’

What do you think?

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