A Day in the Mountains

Today was a great day; we packed up the car, loaded the dogs and got a friend to join us for a day in the mountains.  We have been city dwellers for many years, always have been and up until lately, it looked as we would remain city dwellers.  Packed into our respective box from which I leave on a daily basis, get in my metal box and join in with hundreds if not thousands of others in their respective metal boxes to go to another box called work.  We live in Albuquerque and a bit over two years ago we were able to purchase some acreage in the northern New Mexico mountains.  When we left the city this morning it was around 70° and very nice, after climbing to 7200 feet in altitude it was just under 70° and really did not climb much above that.  But the air was fresh.  We have received a lot of rain lately and the grass was green.  The trees were happy and so were we.

On the way out of town is when the decompression starts, the traffic lessens and the hustle and bustle is left behind.  The beautiful scenery on the way reminds me that there is a lot more to life than the boxes we must be in a good portion of our lives.  We turn off the highway onto a state road and our friend is commenting that we are in the middle of nowhere.  Just wait I told her it gets better.  20 miles down the road, we turn off the state road onto an unpaved forest road.  By now the dogs know exactly where we are and are getting wound up, they know they will be free to run very soon.  The pine trees close in upon us as we wind down the forest road and the smells are so gratifying and sweet.

One of the great joys in going up there is when the gate is shut, the vehicle doors open and 2 large and very excited dogs jump out and the chase is on. Often we do not see them for a while, maybe an occasional flash of black and white through the trees sometimes it is white then black, it depends on who is chasing who.  There is no cell phone service up there, so the phones get turned off and put away, today there was only about a half dozen cars that went past on the road and we are located almost 2 miles from the forest road.  Can you say real quiet?

I absolutely love being able to go up there, it gives me a break from the city life that I really didn’t realize I needed until I got up there.  If all goes according to the plan, there will be a house upon that piece of land in about a year and I will be able to spend the majority of my time there.  There will still be occasional trips to work except now the drive will be a heck of a lot more pleasant and I know I will be returning to the mountains that evening.

All in all, it has been a great day

What do you think?

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