Our Broken System

It is so sad to see how broken our political system is nowadays, there is so much fighting that nothing is getting done.   We withstood a crippling economic catastrophe 5 years ago and to date, we have not fully recovered.  At least the majority of people have not recovered, there are still millions of people out of work and the sad thing is that a lot of companies have learned to squeeze more work from less employees and have decided they don’t need to return the workforce to previous levels.  If there was just a bit of cooperation happening in Washington, a lot more progress could have been made.

I know for a fact that when a person can’t find work for a prolonged period of time, the feelings of despair and hopelessness rear their ugly heads.  A person’s skills atrophy when not used on a steady basis and this makes it much less likely to find comparable work they are used to.  An entry level job at a fast food restaurant used to be the domain of students and the younger sector of job seekers just getting started in the workforce.  Now it is quite discouraging to see somebody in their 50s ask if you would like fries with your order.

There have been quite sensible ideas to rebuild our infrastructure that is crumbling down around us.  There have already been several bridges come down, I wonder how many more will have to come down before any action is taken.  The Civilian Conservation Corp from the 40s did absolute wonders for helping people with jobs as well as building lasting roads, dams and parks that are still around today.  We could sure use something like that today.

I do pray that it will not take wrecking our entire economy and fragile recovery to make the obstructionists decide that maybe their extreme ideas are better left I the trash bin.  We can be better than this and it hurts that we have to fight battles over and over that were fought and won 50 years ago.

What do you think?

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